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About Us

Mathematics Education / School Leader / Curriculum Co-ordinator / Student Educator

Mathematics is a critical component of every child's learning programme. The successful development of mathematical concepts is a key foundation in a child's overall cognitive development and on-going learning pathways.

Joining our association will ensure that you have access to the knowledge and resources to ensure that you are providing your students with the best mathematical learning experiences possible.

The Primary Mathematics Association has provided outstanding service to educators in South Australia since 1971. We provide professional development, publications, student activities, access to a national voice and a consultancy service. In particular this year, we will be offering the following services relevant to your setting:

- HELPLINE - At the click of a button, mathematics help will be at hand. Whether it is a resource question, a mathematics idea you are looking for or a particular teaching strategy you are after, then the Primary Maths Helpline is there to assist you

- ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS - This year we are continuing the use of an electronic journal strategy designed to make it easy for you to circulate up to date information and resources to your staff. Electronic publications will be distributed regularly and will include resource reviews, web resources and feature articles.

- PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - There will be a range of competitively priced Professional development offered as well as the opportunity to request specific targeted services in your area

- STUDENT ACTIVITIES - These include the National Maths Challenge, National Maths Day, Numeracy Week and more!

Whatever your mathematical need we look forward to having the opportunity to be of service

PMA is run by a team of volunteer educators who willingly give their time to organising the activities of our Association.

MANY THANKS to the volunteers who made up the 2009 PMA Committee. Without their volunteer service, there would be no PMA learning programme! If you would like to be part of the organising committee for 2010, make sure you attend the AGM on the 22nd February!

President : Lisa-Jane O'Connor

Vice-President : Kerry Hugo, , DECS Central Office

Secretary : Anne Cannizzaro, West Lakes Shore Schools

Treasurer : Rod Nancarrow, Adelaide East Regional Office

Public Officer : Len Williams, Burton PS

Publications Manager : John Bleckly, DECS Central Office

Publications Manager : Peggy O'Connor, Hackham West Schools

Student Activities Manager : Maureen Forrest, Prospect PS

Student Activities Manager : Thomas Harvey, Salisbury North West School

Curriculum Co-ordinator : Greg Parker, St Monicas Parish School


Trish Boschetti - Professional Learning, Maitland Area School

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